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+ 17 000 References
30 Years of Experience

  • Peeling paint or plaster, blisters and saltpetre on damp walls
  • Moisture, condensation in the basement or on the first floor
  • Mold and mildew or odors in the basement
  • Infiltration, flooding or capillary rising damp

 Now you can restore your walls in just 6-8 months

3 ways to act ...
Health, the ruin of goods, the solution ...


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Some testimonies

We are pleased to document some of the results achieved with the Mur-Tronic technology.
Successful property sale in Küsnacht Canton of Zurich: Damp problems solved with Murtronic. Interview with Mrs. Pedraita, real estate manager with federal certificate.
Murtronic solves long-standing moisture problems in commercial property in Villmergen, Canton Aargau. Interview with Mr. Brechbühl.
Advice to renovate the damp walls of a house in Rolle after a Murtronic sanitation. Interview with Ms. MacGillycuddy.

Dehumidification in Zurich - Resolving my daughter's breathing problems with Murtronic. Interview with Mr. Beni.

Discover how Murtronic helped to solve the humidity problems of a church in Colombier with Mr. Glardon
Experiences with Murtronic for the elimination of moisture problems in a building in Graubünden with Mr. Saxer.
Renovation of a damp building for the City of Monthey: Interview with the architect Márcio César
Mr. Munzinger: Now it's great, no more mold, no more smell, it was worth it.
Architect Federico Napoli and the successful restoration of the Champsabé Chapel with the Mur-Tronic device.
Learn about Mr. Glutz's outstanding results with Mur-Tronic.

This device uses a patented technology to remove rising damp from building walls. It is a non-invasive and environmentally friendly method.

Mur-Tronic has already helped many people and institutions solve their rising damp problems.

We are confident that Mur-Tronic can help you achieve the same success as our satisfied customers. I hope you will consider giving us the opportunity to show you what our product service can do for you.

Mold : a silent menace

Guide to moisture and mold problems in homes. How to recognize, prevent and solve mold problems in your property

Mold in indoor environments

Mold spores are common in the air we breathe, but it's only when they settle on damp materials like cold, damp walls that these microscopic insects can cause some pretty nasty effects.

Mold either grows or dies - it's all about the humidity

Molds can grow in any climate, but they need a moist environment to thrive. They do not like light or dry environments.

Two separate issues, living areas and basements

Although both types of environments have humidity levels that may be excessive, the problems that develop are generally different.

Rising damp? Let's get straight to the point

Our advice is quick and detailed. Get straight to the point with us!
  Contact us if:
  • Level: The moisture problem in the walls is in contact with the ground, in the ground floor, basement or crawlspace of your property
  • Year of construction: The building is more than 5 years old
  • Attempts: Have you already tried to solve the problem with other solutions that did not work
  • Method: You want to be involved in understanding the cause of the disease and how Mur-tronic 2 Technology intervenes to eliminate cause and effect forever
 We CANNOT help you if:
  • Level: The problem of dampness in the walls is in the upper floors and not in contact with the ground, starting from the second floor etc., including the attic
  • Year of construction: The building is of recent construction, less than 5 years old
  • Attempts:  You only want to eliminate the aesthetic problem for a defined period of time without eliminating the real cause of the pathology, you are aware that the problem will recur on a regular basis
  • Method: You prefer to proceed by trial and error, with no control over costs and no certainty of a guaranteed final solution

"The best decision"

Contact us if you want to take concrete action to solve the material and immaterial problems created by damp in your property. We will show you how our working method and Mur-tronic 2 Technology will solve the pathology of rising damp forever.
Wall restored or customer reimbursed.
Free consultancy for professionals.

- Eng. Remo Zanda
No shortcuts ...

Moisture and mold: health risks

Moisture in the home is a serious problem that can cause damage to your health

Dampness and mold: the health consequences you need to know about

Respiratory irritation, chronic bronchitis, asthma, and other illnesses: how moisture and mold can affect your health and what you can do to prevent these problems.

Home allergies: an invisible threat in our homes

Mold and house dust mites can cause allergies year-round, here's what you need to know to prevent and treat symptoms.

Moisture in the home can cause skin, eye and respiratory irritation: how to prevent and solve the problem.

Discover the causes of irritation and learn how to prevent and solve the problem of dampness in the home.

Defeating musty smell: the best way to keep indoor environments healthy

Learn how to defeat musty odor and improve air quality to prevent ailments such as insomnia, fatigue, headaches, and nausea

The threat of rare mycoses to those with pre-existing diseases

How Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis and Aspergilloma can affect patients with cystic fibrosis and chronic asthma.

Can humidity in your home cause colds? Discover the truth behind the myth

Let's explore the link between humidity and colds and find out how to keep your home healthy and dry.

Indoor infections: The hidden danger of mold and bacteria for patients with weak immune systems

How to prevent mold and bacteria infections in humid and risky environments

How to deal with health problems caused by moisture in the home

Practical tips to prevent and remove mold and improve indoor air quality

Did you know that rising humidity can lead to an increase in energy costs?

The Mur-Tronic solution reduces energy consumption by neutralizing capillary rise.
A common problem in construction is the upward pull of water molecules, known as capillary rise.
Older buildings are more susceptible, but if a new building has gaps in its foundation, it can also be affected. Capillary rise is a common phenomenon that can cause serious damage to buildings.
It causes blistering, saltpetre, mould and mildew to form, making the building unsightly and uncomfortable. In addition, capillary rise increases energy consumption.

The presence of capillary rise makes the walls damp and cold. The evaporation of water from the walls increases the humidity level in the air, which means you will have to heat your home more than usual to make it comfortable.

The experts say

The Mayor and moisture management to safeguard his city's cultural and building heritage
Professionals in the restoration and preservation of historic buildings, decades of experience and expertise
Architect and forensic expert: "The story of my encounter with Mur-Tronic, 25 years ago."
The architect carried out a global energy renovation at the elementary school. Radon gas and capillary rise...
The mayor, his visions, his projects, his worksites. Mur-Tronic is an essential partner.
Deputy Mayor, in charge of culture, heritage and archives. Murtronic in Preserving Cultural Heritage
Topic of the day: what are the causes of moisture in your home and why is it so hard to get rid of it?

How to fight humidity?

Moisture in a building can be caused by many factors, and the solutions depend on what is causing it. This video discusses some of the possible causes of damp walls and moisture in buildings, as  well as some of the possible consequences .

Moisture can cause damage to your home or office, and it's important that you take action as soon as possible to improve the situation.

It's not just about improving aesthetics - moisture has a negative impact on your health, so check for signs of moisture in homes and offices.

Given the complexity in finding the right cause of moisture problems, seek the advice of an  expert, not a generalist .



Mur-Tronic 2 is one of the solutions against rising damp offered by the Mur-Tronic experts. This process neutralises the origin of rising damp throughout the treated building, in just a few hours.
Taking the form of a compact and ergonomic box, the Mur-Tronic 2 works thanks to the weak energy source emitted by the variation in electromagnetic fields.
The Mur-Tronic 2 box captures these fields and sends back a counter-field with a 180° phase shift, which then stops any further upward movement of water by capillary action. The upward movement of the water is stopped at the source.
Drying your walls in a sustainable way
Mur-Tronic solutions are based on knowledge of these forces to create a magnetic counterfield that will prevent capillary rise.
Installed 0.80 m above the ground at a central point in the building, a Mur-Tronic box will be able, within a few hours, to stop capillary rise and allow the walls to dry out.
It takes between 6 and 8 months for the walls to dry out. During this period, it is common to see new moisture stains appear. Far from being worrying, they are a sign that the process is working and that the mineral salts previously contained in the water are settling on the surface of the old plaster. It will then be necessary to replace the plaster with a special plaster, capable of neutralizing the salts.


Our solution is efficient, environmentally friendly and non-invasive, and requires no special maintenance. It has received a favourable opinion from Qualiconsult for its reliability and lifespan.

Our solution is guaranteed for 10 years so that you can enjoy a healthy home for a long time.

Old buildings are particularly vulnerable to damp and rising damp. Moisture in the walls weakens the building and affects your comfort.
  • ECOLOGICAL for a sustainable environment
  • NO MAINTENANCE no wear and tear
  • APPROVED IN RESTORATION recognised technology
  • NON-INVASIVE without electrical or masonry work
  • ​ZERO CONSUMPTION uses only natural energy
  • ​ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION does not emit electromagnetic fields
  • EC CERTIFICATE Declaration of conformity
  • ​DEFINITIVE no more refurbishing of plasters
  • ​RESULT GUARANTEE wall restored or customer reimbursed
Final removal of salt supply responsible for:
  • ​MOLDS



Free diagnosis: A Mur-Tronic expert comes to your home to identify the nature and degree of severity of your problem and establish a quote.


Installation of your Mur-Tronic solution. A fast construction site, ecological and durable solutions.


Follow-up: We take a basic reading of the moisture content of your walls and, 8-10 months later, a new reading to monitor the progress of the drying of your walls.


Our support is provided by a team that is dedicated from start to finish to your wall drying project. All of Mur-Tronic's staff have solid experience in the building industry and in moisture treatment problems.

Our teams are made up of construction professionals and all follow the same procedure.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the treatment of damp and rising damp. Our experience has enabled us to achieve a 100% satisfaction rate on more than 17,000 references.


If you own a house built before 1950, you probably suffer from damp problems and may have already noticed the deterioration of your property: damp stains, bubbles, merula, mould, high energy consumption and a feeling of discomfort are all signs that indicate the presence of damp in the walls and require the intervention of an expert.

Is your property old?
The answer is yes! The lack of levelling and waterproofing in the foundations of buildings built before 1950 encourages an electrical attraction that causes capillary rise.
Their presence is easily identifiable: visible stains on the bottom of walls, crumbling joints, saltpetre, mould, fungi, merula, condensation... they threaten your building, make your home uncomfortable and considerably increase your heating bills.
Capillary rise is a natural phenomenon that is easy to counteract, but requires expert intervention. Mur-Tronic's staff are building professionals and will be able to guide you throughout your project.


Mur-Tronic's specialists are able to identify the different sources of humidity in your building and propose the most appropriate response to your needs. With more than 17,000 references, we are proud to have a 100% customer satisfaction rate. Our values are based on listening, respect for heritage, respect for the environment and the guarantee of a quick and effective solution against rising damp. The products we offer are manufactured in France and are the result of constant efforts in research and development.
Mur-Tronic solutions aim to dry walls and stop rising damp at its source. They combat the various electro-osmotic and electro-kinetic capillary forces that are at the root of this natural mechanism. The Mur-Tronic solutions are all based on the installation of one or more special devices in areas considered to be central to the building. Depending on the surface area of the walls to be treated, their level of humidity and the desired drying rate, the Mur-Tronic experts propose different types of equipment.


How much does Mur-Tronic service and technology cost?
The cost is formulated transparently to the client following the inspection and made in a written offer. The cost is proportional to the surface area and floor plan of the building, where the pathology is present. It is certainly much cheaper than building work, which requires excavation and the difficult installation of mechanical insulation in order to be effective.
Is there a charge for an inspection to assess the pathology?
Absolutely not, following our inspection and measurements we will make a written offer to the client who will decide without pressure whether to implement our service and technology.
Does Mur-Tronic involve additional costs, electrical connections, any masonry work?
No additional costs are involved.
After installation of the Mur-Tronic, how long before the smell of mould is no longer noticeable?
Internal dampness and a musty smell are the first situations that improve considerably after just a few weeks, as the evaporation from the walls that the rising up generated has ceased.
How long does Mur-Tronic 2 take to dry the property permanently?
From 6 to 8 months.
How long will it take to touch up the surfaces, plaster and paint?
After final drying 6-8 months.
How big is the dry up device? Weight?
Size: height 18.5 cm x 27 cm width and 37 cm thickness. 5 Kg.
How long does the Mur-Tronic service last?
The Dry Up service follows the customer until the affected masonry is completely dried out.
Does Mur-Tronic require regular maintenance?
No, no maintenance is required as operation is simple and self-contained.
How many years is the Mur-Tronic 2 guaranteed?
It is guaranteed for 10 years and has a lifetime of more than 50 years.
How long does the installation of Mur-Tronic technology take?
The number of measurements is proportional to the surface area of the building, normally in the residential area it does not exceed one day's work including the installation of the device. In large buildings it can take days to check the various points.
Where is the Mur-Tronic device installed in the building?
After taking measurements, the technician proposes a number of possibilities to the customer, which also take into account the aesthetic aspect. Since it takes up very little space, it is installed inside the building, and in very special cases it is installed outside.
How is the effectiveness of Mur-Tronic and its operation demonstrated?
This is demonstrated by accurate measurements and surveys carried out in accordance with European standards, using professional instruments. We can objectively show the client the actual renovation of their building, with data in hand, which is why we can guarantee the client the "wall renovated or client reimbursed" formula.
Does Mur-Tronic 2 technology produce electrosmog?
Absolutely not, and we can prove it with instruments that measure electromagnetic waves. It does not produce any electrosmog because it uses and cancels out the natural magnetic waves present in nature, which are the real cause of the pathology.
If you can't prove that you can solve the problem, do you do the installation anyway?
Absolutely not, because as a result of our inspections we cannot show the customer the improvement and solution of the pathology.
If the problem is of a different nature, it cannot be solved by Mur-Tronic technology.
Our professionalism will be limited to simple and effective advice or guidance in dealing with the situation. For this reason it is very important for us to qualify the problem and carry out the inspection.
What happens if the Mur-Tronic device is dismantled and removed from the building?
What happens is that the natural electromagnetic waves that caused the rising damp resume their disturbance in the masonry and capillary rise in the porosity of the masonry is restarted, with the reappearance of the phenomenon after a few months.

MUR-TRONIC technology for the market in  Switzerland:

Remo Zanda is the manager of buySUISSE Sagl and collaborates with ARPPA for the Swiss market, ARPPA is a manufacturer of specific and innovative technologies for the definitive solution of capillary rising damp in buildings. buySUISSE Sagl is the authorised importer and dealer for Switzerland of ARPPA's MUR-TRONIC technology www.murtronic.com

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